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A Values-based Approach To Supplemental Medicare Coverage

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The SilverCove approach to insurance is different—in fact, we were created because a wholly different approach was necessary to serve the portion of the population eligible for Medicare who wants to understand the risks and gaps in coverage that Medicare coverage is meant to solve. As a result, our clients are informed, at ease and feel respected—not exploited.


Our goal is understanding—not a transaction—so we explain your insurance options clearly and patiently. Because we believe that understanding the problem a product solves is as important as how a product works.


Our agents maintain relationships, rather than simply initiating policies. Their performance is measured by the certainty of our customers over time, not the number of policies sold up-front.


We don't seek out everyone who might need a product we offer. Instead, we focus our attention on those who are as interested in explanation and understanding as they are in mitigating loss or limiting their exposure to risk.


By engaging only with people eligible for Medicare who value understanding, we can take more time with fewer people. In short, we build long-lasting relationships, not just a portfolio of clients.

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